Here Are 10 Photos That ARMY’s Can Literally Hear

How many of these can you hear?

ARMYs have shown on multiple occasions their support and love towards BTS. BTS are also known for having some iconic moments, as well as some things that ARMYs have just heard numerous times. Here are 10 photos that a lot of ARMYs are able to hear due to things like experience, or it being an iconic moment of BTS.

1. The beginning of every BTS song

2. The infamous laughter of Jin

3. Jungkook trying to remember

4. Suga’s iconic beginning in “Fire”

5. Pardon?

6. Suga’s “infires”

7. Jimin’s iconic pronunciation of “beach”

8. “Jimin, you got no…”

9. Suga fanboying over J-Hope

10. Jimin’s version of “excuse me”