10+ Photos Of ATEEZ’s San That Will Make You Swoon At How Broad His Shoulders Are

Yes, his stunning shoulders definitely deserve their own article.

ATEEZ‘s San is not only amazingly talented but also incredibly gorgeous! From his handsome visuals to his impressive physique, San is the total package! One quality ATINYs have pointed out is San’s attractive broad shoulders.

Here are 10+ photos that

1. Selfies that kill!

San’s handsome smile and broad shoulders are too stunning to handle!

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

2. Woah, we weren’t ready for that

Whether he’s on stage or merely taking off his jacket, San never fails to make our hearts flutter.

3. His visuals are insane

How can someone be so visually stunning?


4. He has perfect proportions

Even from the back, anyone can tell San has shoulders wider than the ocean.


5. He looks so good in a vest!

His vest definitely helps show off his broad shoulders.


6. Never forget this

This dance is perfect for San and his gorgeous shoulders.

7. Even his arms are nice!

San truly is perfect inside and out!

8. San’s workout

San’s workout must be really effective!

9. Okay, San! 🔥

San certainly made our hearts explode like “Fireworks” with this outfit! His slim waist help highlight his wide shoulders.

10. San is definitely the guy everyone has a crush on at school

Not even a school uniform can hide his lovely shoulders.

11. You can even tell from this angle.


At this side angle, you can clearly see the impressive width of San’s shoulders.

12. He looks good in a simple black shirt

San looks great in all his stage outfits, but he looks just as handsome in casual attire.

STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube

13. San in tank tops are the best!

With great shoulders like that, why wouldn’t you wear a tank top all the time?!


14. His mirror selfies are everything

San’s visuals are unreal!

| @


15. Soft yet sultry

San’s duality is on another level and this photo proves it.


16. Strutting through the airport in style

San is always capturing hearts and turning heads!