10+ Photos Of G-Dragon’s Enlistment That Will Make You Miss Him Even More

For those who VIP who are already missing G-Dragon, we’ve got the cure for you! Look back on all the photos from G-Dragon’s enlistment.

1. When T.O.P applied for leave from the military so he could see GD off on his enlistment date!


2. Their beautiful bromance is literally #goals.


3. Another tearjerking farewell with GD’S sister.

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4. One more goodbye with his (rather handsome) right-hand man & manager Taehee.

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5. More proof that the staff that has stood by BIGBANG’s side are pretty much family! Their long time hairstylist uploaded this warm hug on the day of GD’s enlistment.


6. And of course, one more smiley family shot with GD’s parents and sister on the big day.


7. G-Dragon showed up cute and bundled up at the White Skull training center.


8. Even in a simple all-black, comfy, and warm outfit – he showed up styling.



9. The parka is Vetements and is worth over 3,000 USD, in true GD fashion.


10. Has anyone else looked this calm and confident walking into life as a public servant?



11. But there will always be fans on the inside, made clear by this photo of him inside the training center.



12. The guy gawking at GD in the back is a MOOD.



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