10 Photos And GIFs Of BTS Suga’s Precious Gummy Smile To Brighten Your Day

His smile can light up anyone’s day!

While BTS‘s Suga looks intimidating and acts tough, in reality he’s just a soft and sleepy guy with a gummy smile that can light up a whole room. So without further ado, here are 10 photos and GIFs of said gummy smile to brighten your day, and put a smile on your face!

1. Introducing lil meow meow

| ynki/Tumblr

2. Intimidating to uwu real quick

| agushadow/Tumblr

3. His precious smile featuring coca cola

| sugaa/Tumblr

4. Seriously, how can someone not smile after seeing him smile?

| @RinaVkim/Twitter

5. The pure joy that’s radiating from him is precious

| @RinaVkim/Twitter

6. Whether at a baseball game or concert, his smile is infectious

| @ETRNALGOO/Twitter

7. His smile must be protected at all costs

| @sparkly3yoons/Twitter

8. Oh, to be the person he’s smiling at…

| btsreactionmemes/Tumblr

9. Just…uwu

| btsreactionmemes/Tumblr

10. Never stop smiling and laughing, Suga!

| ynki/Tumblr 


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