10+ Photos Of NCT 127’s Jaehyun Giving Major Boyfriend Vibes

NCT’s Valentine’s Boy serves some serious boyfriend visuals!

NCT 127‘s Jaehyun is known for his shockingly handsome face. His visuals are super soft, but at the same time stand out so much that all eyes just end up on him; more often than not! So without further ago, here are 10+ photos of NCT 127’s resident Valentine’s Boy Jaehyun giving off major boyfriend vibes- and you won’t be able to resist him!

1. Looking at you when you call his name

2. On his phone

3. On a night out in the city

4. Walking beside you on a sunny day

5. In a shirt-and-tie classic combo

6. Out in the park together

7. Late-night selfie

8. Walking towards you

9. Classic visuals!

10. On a date, with a stroll after



11. Being comfortable

12. Just chilling together

February 14- Happy Birthday, Jaehyun!


We stan a cute boyfriend visual!