These 10+ Photos Of NCT 127 Yuta’s Hair In A Ponytail Will Have You Swooning At The Visuals

Yuta in a ponytail is a much-needed aesthetic!

NCT 127‘s Yuta has been growing his hair for a while now, and NCTzens have been in love with his long-haired visuals! Here are 10+ photos of Yuta’s hair in a ponytail that will definitely have you swooning!

1. Yuta’s visuals are so alluring.


2. Yuta was serving looks with this color and style!


3. Casual Yuta with his hair in a ponytail is so handsome!


4. But he looks great onstage, too!


5. Ponytail Yuta is such an aesthetic.


6. Even half-ponytails looks amazing on him!


7. He’s seriously handsome!


8. He’s insanely good-looking!


9. His visuals are unreal.


10. He looks amazing in these photos!


11. We hope he keeps this look forever!


12. White-haired Yuta is a visual attack!


13. He’s always so impressive in a ponytail!