10+ Photos That Prove NCT Dream’s Jeno Is Perfect Boyfriend Material

He totally gives off boyfriend vibes!

NCT Dream‘s Jeno is the group’s visual, and is especially noted for his smiley eyes and kind demeanor! Fans always talk about how his handsome visuals give off boyfriend vibes, and we agree! Here are 10+ times Jeno was captured on camera, where his visuals were totally boyfriend material!

1. Jeno with glasses, reading in bed? Yes, please!


2. This photo gives off such boyfriend vibes!


3. Smiley Jeno is the best Jeno!


4. No make-up Jeno in glasses is a whole look.


5. These photos are top-tier boyfriend material ones!


6. Black shirts and glasses make for a very handsome Jeno!


7. Jeno with a guitar is ultimate boyfriend material!


8. This outfit is working for him!


9. Imagine Jeno shooting that look at you!

10. Literal classic boyfriend photos.


11. Boyfriend Jeno taking a video- that side profile tho!


12. A whole cutie!


13. This is such a major boyfriend look!


14. Boyfriend Jeno cooking for you!


15. Jeno as a boyfriend looking up to the camera in time for this picture!


16. The rare boyfriend selfie!


17. These candids of him give off such boyfriend vibes!


18. Jeno in these glasses is so handsome!


19. This is such a boyfriend look on him!