10+ Pictures Prove Chaeyeon Has The Sexiest Shoulders In K-Pop

Fans always find something extraordinary when it comes to their favorite celebrities. For this post, for example, one decided to dedicate a post for Chaeyeon’s flawless and sexy shoulders. From her days as a trainee on Produce 101 to her career with I.O.I and then DIA, Chaeyeon has transformed beautifully in front of her many fans. Her flawless beauty shines at every shoot and is sometimes even accentuated by her bare shoulder outfits.  By opting to expose her shoulders, Chaeyeon maintains her youthful image with just a hint of sexiness. 


1-3. Bare shoulders onstage


4-6. On Jill Stuart’s latest campaign


7-8. Keeping it casual as an airport staple 


9-11. On a number of photoshoots

Source: Idol Best