10+ Photos Prove Why Everyone Is Obsessed With GOT7 Yugyeom’s Athletic Body

Can we get some more Yugyeom, please?

1. GOT7‘s Yugyeom bursts with sexy vibes!


2. Just a tall drink of sunshine!

Image: @200percent_S2


3. Look at his long legs that go on for days.


4. Not to mention his sexy back!


5. Just keep staring at me like that…


6. Then burst open the happiest smile ever seen!


7. He looks so good in any fashion style.


8. Who knew collarbones can be so sexy?!


9. Even with a boxy shirt, you can tell he’s got a hot body!


10. Even his silhouette is sexy!


11. Those board shoulders…


12. Those sexy shoulders!


13. He’s just an all-around handsome man!


Bonus. Hot videos for all you Yugyeom admirers!


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