10 Photos That Prove SBS’s Inkigayo Takes The Most Legendary Female Idol Photos

They look like they came right out of a game!

K-Pop fans know that each of the different music broadcasting companies have their own style of filming idols. In the case of SBS’s Inkigayo, they are known for their great lighting and amazing skills at taking photos of female idols. Recently, an online community board shared photos of some legendary photos taken by Inkigayo. Let’s take a look!

NMIXX’s Sullyoon

aespa’s Karina

NewJeans’ Minji

NewJeans’ Haerin

Netizens agreed that although the idols all had different concepts, Inkigayo managed to make them all look almost unreal and CG-like. This even made netizens wonder if the broadcasting company had their own home masters that take photos for them!

  • “Minji is so pretty and Herein looks like a game character.”
  • “Wow all the photos looks so unreal!”
  • “Karina looks legit like CG.”
  • “This really looks like illustration! They look even prettier than drawings.”

Who do you think looks the most computer graphic like? Let us know!

Source: theqoo