10+ Photos Of Red Velvet’s Irene That Will Make You Wonder If She’s An Actual Angel

She’s unreal.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is so gorgeous, she looks almost unreal. Sometimes she wears clothes that add to her out-of-this-world appearance, and they always amplify her visuals!

That said, here are 10+ times Irene looked just like an angel in white clothes!

1. An angel even in a plain white shirt

2. An angel in a tropical dress

3. An angel in an elegant photoshoot

4. An angel in a puffy blouse

5. An angel in a sailor’s uniform

6. An angel in V-neck shirt

7. An angel in a long sweatshirt dress

8. An angel in an off-shoulder blouse

9. An angel in an edgy black corset

10. An angel in a lace-top dress

11. An angel in a tight bodycon dress

12. And finally, an angel all over