10+ Photos Of Red Velvet Joy’s Unreal Proportions

She’s a visual goddess!

Not only is Red Velvet‘s Joy exploding with charms and talent, she’s also very well-known as a gorgeous visual! Here are 10+ photos of Joy that showcase her unreal proportions, and will make you agree that she’s true #bodygoals!

Remember the time Joy went viral among fans and non-fans alike for her gorgeous visuals as the “K-Pop girl in the rainbow dress” during the group’s “Peek-A-Boo” promotions? Its no wonder, because she looks beautiful in that dress!


Joy in this little black dress looks like it was made especially for her!


During the 2017 MAMA, Joy got a lot of attention for her stunning beauty at the event! Along with her sparkly red dress that showed off her body line, it was also some of the candid photos of her taken at the event that had people marveling at how pretty she is!

During Red Velvet’s 3rd solo tour, La Rouge, Joy showed up in a gorgeous red dress that immediately stole hearts everywhere! She also caused quite the stir among fans for her sexy dancing during a performance of the group’s B-side track, “Bing Bing”!


Along with being one of Red Velvet’s most anticipated eras (what with the murdered pizza boys in the MV!) the “Peek-A-Boo” era was also amazing due to the alluring styling of all the members, and Joy especially drew attention because of her toned body and physique!


Joy looks amazing offstage in casual wear too! She’s serving looks, no matter what!


Joy’s got legs for days! At 167 cm, Joy is the tallest member of Red Velvet, and it shows!

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