10+ Photos That Reveal How Much MAMAMOO Have Amazingly Evolved Over The Years

This member didn’t audition for a famous agency because she wasn’t confident in her visuals, but look at her now.

MAMAMOO officially debuted on June 18, 2014 with the single “Mr. Ambiguous” and they have been rocking the entertainment scene since.

The group is a wonderfully versatile girl group that is capable of performing different musical styles.

Aside from their talent, the members are popular because their visual game is on point, too.

Here are 10+ photos that show how much MAMAMOO have wonderfully evolved over the years:

1. Solar

Known as the group’s leader who considers herself as the mom of MAMAMOOSolar was discovered after she sang to get a free gift.

With her bubbly personality and her girl-next-door charm, MooMoos initially mistook her as one of the youngest members in the group, when the truth is she’s the oldest.



Solar didn’t audition for SM Entertainment because she wasn’t confident in her looks, but look at her serving top-notch visuals during her evolution!

2. Moonbyul

When MooMoos think of the word “swag”, Moonbyul comes to mind.

As the group’s main rapper and vocalist, Moonbyul‘s “girl-crush” concept is definitely successful in stealing the hearts of MooMoos around the world, no matter what gender they identify with.



In addition to her looks getting an upgrade, Moonbyul seems more confident in their performances, too.

3. Wheein

With a cute face and “puppy dog” charm, who would have thought that Wheein had such a deep and soulful voice that’s perfect for any kind of musical style?

Her voice isn’t the only versatile thing about her — Wheein‘s hair has transformed several times since their debut, too.



MooMoos particularly love her blonde and blue hair colors since she looks so chic and fashionable.

4. Hwasa

MAMAMOO‘s resident maknae, Hwasa is the perfect embodiment of a strong, powerful woman who is comfortable in her own skin. 



Hwasa is a huge fan of Rihanna and this admiration is evident in the way she presents herself and chooses her outfits accordingly.