10 Photos That Exemplify Just How Small Female Idols Look Next To Male Idols

Smol and cute!

Although it’s easy to forget, male and female idols have vastly different physiques. Some girl group idols look taller when beside their members, while some boy group members look smaller.

The following pictures show just how smol and cute female stars can be next to the actually-much-taller males. Check them out below!

1. Wendy and Chanyeol

2. Mingyu and Chungha

3. Minhyun and BoA

4. Joy and Sanha

5. Eunha and Yugyeom

6. Jin and Baby Soul

7. Irene and Sehun

8. Seunghoon and Dara

9. Wooseok and Sejeong

10. KARD