10+ Photos That Show Off Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s Lovely Doll-Like Visuals

She’s gorgeous inside and out!

Not only are Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon vocal skills out of this world, but also her beautiful visuals! With her natural beauty, round eyes, sharp jawline, flawless skin, and petite figure, many say Taeyeon is like a real-life doll!

Here are 10+ photos that Taeyeon’s lovely doll-like visuals!

1. This haircut suits Taeyeon so well!

Not a lot of people can pull off bangs above the eyebrow but Taeyeon looks stunning!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

2. Taeyeon’s 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) Look

This look stunned us all! Taeyeon was an absolute angelic doll at the 2015 MAMAs!

3. Gorgeous eyes!

Taeyeon’s sparkly round eyes add to her adorable doll-like features!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

4. She doesn’t even need makeup

She doesn’t need to get glammed up to look like a doll! Taeyeon is naturally beautiful.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

5. She gives us butterflies in our stomachs!

Taeyeon’s doll visuals make us all get butterflies on our stomachs and definitely make our hearts flutter.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

6. She is actually the cutest!

Taeyeon is too precious and too sweet!

| SMTWON/YouTube

 7. Taeyeon’s Instagram is a blessing

Taeyeon often shows off her adorable doll-like visuals on her social media! Just scrolling through her Instagram profile puts a smile on Sone’s faces.


8. Are you getting lost in her eyes?

Once you look into her eyes, there’s no escaping!


9. She can pull off any hairstyle!

This cute hairdo highlighted Taeyeon’s youthful and doll-like beauty!

10. Her smile!

Taeyeon’s lovely smile can make anyone’s day better.

| /YouTube

 11. Taeyeon’s “Rain” era is legendary

Taeyeon shocked everyone with her super short cut and it definitely helped show off her doll-like features.

12. Taeyeon in pigtails!

Taeyeon is such a cutie and she kills the pigtail hairdo!


13. Taeyeon is naturally pretty

Taeyeon stole all our hearts with this selfie! Her natural beauty really shines!


14. She’s glowing

Taeyeon’s complexion is amazing and smooth just like a doll’s!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

15. Petite!

Taeyeon is often lovingly teased by her members for her shorter height but it adds to her cuteness!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

16. A classy doll

This photo gives off some 1950s-1960s vibe and proves Taeyeon’s beauty is timeless.

| @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

17. Her side profile is goals

Taeyeon’s sharp jawline is something we all strive to have!


18. Taeyeon crushes any concept

Taeyeon’s doll-like visuals go well with any concept she tries! She literally never looks bad!


19. Taeyeon is flawless!

It’s hard to believe someone as beautiful as Taeyeon exists! She’s multi-talented, charming, and of course, gorgeous.

20. She makes anything and everything look stunning

A bold hat like this might be intimidating to some but Taeyeon can always make anything look great!



21. Even her hair is perfect

Merely walking through the airport, Taeyeon turn heads with her unreal beauty.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

22. She is always blessing us with her adorable presence

Overall, Taeyeon is lovely inside and out!


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