10+ Photos That Prove Kang Daniel Is Actually A Giraffe In Disguise

I see no difference.

1. This pose from his latest photoshoot show him nonchalantly executing what would be an acrobatic feat were it not for his long legs.

2. His legs are too long for his bed!

3. He can almost reach the roof with his feet!

4. When he’s bending down and bowing, you can see how long his legs really are.

5. Even his comic walk has a long stride!

6. An oversized t-shirt barely manages to cover his thighs.

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7. Given his long legs, Kang Daniel also make some of the wildest windmills!

8. That time the Kang Daniel crossed a street and made the parallel streets seem much closer than they actually are.

9. It’s likely that his shorts would be of an awkward short-but-long length for many.

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10. Just look at them! It’s come to a point where his waist just plain seems to be in the wrong place!

Source: Pann