10 Photos That Will Look Incredibly Weird To Non-Kpop Fans

Non-K-Pop fans just won’t get these photos.

Have you ever been scrolling through your feed and seen a picture of an idol that you thought was just adorable, but when you decided to show it your non-K-Pop-loving friend and they just don’t get it?

Here are some pictures that are just too hard to explain to non-K-Pop fans (attempts at explaining these are too often futile):


1. Why are they dressed as animals? Is this normal?

Okay, but who doesn’t love a cute onesie? K-idols are known for performing in both sexy outfits and cute onesies but try explaining the appeal of the cute outfits to non-K-Pop stans.


2. Wow, those are such pretty girls…wait they’re boys!?

It’s no secret in the K-Pop world that male idols look super pretty dressed as women. But to a non-kpop fan it just seems weird that a man would dress as the opposite gender just for their fans.


3. It’s not Halloween…why are they dressed up?

We all know that idols have the best Halloween costumes, but some groups like to take their costume game to the next level. Cosplay is one of those things that you either get or you don’t. When K-idols decide to cosplay though, they tend to do it as a whole group (all for fun and fans).


4. Are they a couple?

Any time a non-K-Pop fan sees a picture of two idols (of the same sex) hugging or showing affection they wonder whether the two idols are gay or even dating. Fans know that they aren’t though, and will often get a laugh out of their friends’ reactions to idols’ skinship (okay, there are those fans that ship idols together, but that’s a whole different ball game).


5. Why are they acting so cute?

K-Pop fans know 1+1=Gwiyomi, but a non-K-Popper would have no idea what you’re talking about. They also don’t understand why idols act cute. Not to mention they have no idea what you mean by “aegyo.”