10+ Pictures of Baekhyun’s Bright Smile That Prove He’s The Light Of This World

His smile alone can probably bring world peace.

EXO‘s Baekhyun is well-loved for many things, one of the topmost being his absolutely adorable smile. Whenever he smiles, his eyes crinkle and his mouth opens wide, revealing pearly white teeth. In other words, perfection.

Need something to brighten up your day? Here are 10+ pictures of Baekhyun’s bright smile.


With his silver hair and animal print shirt, Baekhyun is the definition of hot.


Baekhyun is wearing a jersey on top of a plain shirt, but the star of the show is the adorable bow on his head.


Rocking an all white outfit, Baekhyun’s smile shines even brighter.


Baekhyun looks sporty and preppy in a pink polo.


Although Baekhyun is wearing a black-on-black outfit, he still looks like the purest angel.


Baekhyun’s pink button down shirt lends him an air of professionalism with a touch of chic.


The chain detail on his blazer adds a twist to this otherwise classic outfit.


Wearing a brown sweater and a chain around his neck, Baekhyun looks laid-back and relaxed.


Baekhyun in a knitted blue sweater exudes warmth and coziness.


If you thought Baekhyun couldn’t possibly get any cuter, think again. Wearing the most adorable hat in the world is added points to his already full cuteness level.


Baekhyun can’t get any classier in an all-white suit and black hair.


Rocking an embellished denim jacket and red hair, Baekhyun easily pulls off the hip and fun look.


Wearing a simple black button down polo, Baekhyun’s gorgeous smile and features are heightened.