8 Pictures Of Your Favorite Idols With Their Dogs Guaranteed To Make Your Life Better

100% guaranteed that this will make you happy!

Every K-Pop fan has a favorite idol, and everyone definitely loves dogs, and both our idols and dogs make us happy. So, here are 10 photos of your favorite idols with dogs that are guaranteed to brighten up your day!

1. BTS’ V and Yeontan

Everyone’s favorite human-dog duo, V and Yeontan! Armys really enjoy all the pictures and videos V puts up of Yeontan and are happy that the rest of the members shower him with so much love!

2. BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Kuma

Kuma and her mommy Jennie really make Blinks happy! Kuma has appeared multiple times on Jennie’s personal Instagram and on few VLives that Jennie hosts and fans are always in awe of their bond!

3. TWICE’s Nayeon and Kookeu

Kookeu is well known among Onces for being cute! Some fans even shared that they saw Kookeu in one of Nayeon’s photo exhibitions together with Nayeon‘s mom and grandmother! How cute!

4. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and Bookeu

Bookeu has been famous among Carats ever since the first time Seungkwan introduced him to them. Although Bookeu is Seungkwan’s older sister’s dog, Seungkwan manages to play with Bookeu a lot, even bringing him along to his solo VLive broadcasts and to SEVENTEEN’s schedule!

5. CHUNGHA and Bambi

It is no surprise that CHUNGHA and Bambi is another human-dog duo that a lot of people love! CHUNGHA has posted a lot of photos of her precious dog on her SNS accounts and fans are always up for more content of them together!

6. Red Velvet’s Joy and Haetnim

Red Velvet‘s Joy and Haetnim are another well loved pair! The two are such a perfect match for each other, where in Reveluvs  even noticed that both Joy and Haetnim have long legs! They are sure the best for each other!

7. The Boyz’s Q and Gana

Gana is a dog well loved by many fans! The Boyz’Q regularly shares videos of his cute dog on Twitter for fans to enjoy! Many fans are jealous of the love and affection Q shows Gana, and wishes they can be Gana for even just a day!

8. GOT7’s Younjae and Coco

Another popular duo is GOT7‘s Youngjae and Coco! Youngjae has spoken about Coco multiple times making it very evident among fans that he loves his pet very very much! Ahgases have been well fed with Youngjae posting a lot of their photos together on his Instagram account.