These 10+ Pictures Prove “Squid Game” Wi Ha Joon Definitely Earned His Spot On “People” Magazine’s List Of 25 Sexiest Men On TV

Can’t stop thinking about #9 🔥🔥

Actor Wi Ha Joon is so handsome that he earned a spot on People‘s list of the 25 sexiest men on TV in 2021!

Wi Ha Joon | @wi__wi__wi/Instagram

The American magazine recently published their list of the hottest men on TV shows that were released this year, and Wi Ha Joon was the first actor included on the list.

| People

Wi Ha Joon made his acting debut in 2012, and he built up a solid fanbase over the course of his acting career. Of course, after Squid Game became a global phenomenon, he won over many more fans with his superb acting skills and eye-catching visuals.

Wi Ha Joon on the poster for Squid Game | Netflix

Wi Ha Joon played Hwang Jun Ho, a police officer who infiltrated the place where the deadly games were played while searching for his missing brother.

Wi Ha Joon as Hwang Jun Ho | Netflix

Viewers were impressed with his portrayal of the character as well as his good looks, which earned him a spot on People‘s list.

Without further ado, here are 10+ photos that prove Wi Ha Joon definitely deserved to be included on the list of the hottest men on TV!

1. He makes the infamous green tracksuit look good

Honestly, has anyone ever looked this good in a tracksuit?

2. His eye smile is everything

Half his face may be covered, but he’s still as handsome as ever!

3. This one needs no explanation

This picture alone is enough reason to include him on every list of the hottest men on TV!

4. You can feel the charisma jumping out of this picture

His gaze is so intense!

5. Handsome in even the most casual of looks

He might be wearing a robe, T-shirt, and denim shorts, but he looks ready to walk down the runway!

6. He is ridiculously buff

He looks so strong!

7. His muscles are just as impressive from the back

Seriously, have you ever seen shoulders this broad?

8. His smile is breathtaking

He’s got a lovely smile!

9. 100% worthy of the spotlight

We simply will never be over this photo.

10. He looks just as good in black and white

Who needs full-color photos with a face like this?

11. He now owns car selfies

We’re willing to bet he got the perfect selfie on the first try!

12. Abs, abs, abs

His Men’s Health photoshoot will go down in history!

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