10 Pictures Show How Much Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung Has Changed Since PD 101

Jinyoung has been sprouting constantly since PD 101 ended.

It feels like it was only yesterday that precious Bae Jinyoung was struck with stage fright as he danced to EXO‘s “Growl”. Now he’s a superstar and making us forget he’s still a high school student with how mature he’s looking these days.


1. Bae Jinyoung cute looks when he first showed up in the iconic Produce 101 uniform


2. And here’s Bae Jinyoung right before his first Happy Together filming


3. Compare when he first shot fans with his bullets of love…


4. To his version of Daniel’s sexy “thigh sweep dance”.


5. He still looked like a baby during his very first Produce 101 stage.


6. But he was all man on stage at the 2017 MAMAs.


7. Jinyoung seemed so nervous watching his hyungs practice during Produce 101.


8. But he was a scene stealer while enjoying his senior’s stages at MAMA 2017.


9. Remember when Bae Jinyoung used to be shy in front of the camera?


10. Now he’s a natural, making noonas fall for him left and right.

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