These 10 Pictures Show TWICE Nayeon’s Evolution From Aspiring K-Pop Idol To Global Superstar

She’s grown so much 🥺

It’s TWICE Nayeon‘s birthday, and ONCEs are so proud of the talented, beautiful, intelligent woman she’s become!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 10 pictures that show Nayeon’s evolution over the years in celebration of her birthday!

1. She’s always had the same winning personality

Nayeon’s great personality and sense of humor have been making ONCEs smile for years! From the looks of this baby picture, she’s been hilarious throughout her entire life.

2. She looked like a born idol at her audition

Although young Nayeon dreamt of becoming a singer, she probably couldn’t imagine that she’d become a member of the Nation’s Girl Group! This photo from her audition proves she was destined for greatness and shows how happy she is when she performs.

3. She already had her idol poses down in high school

Nayeon managed to make her school picture look like it belonged in an album photobook! Looks like her gorgeous smile has stayed the same since high school.

4. Her performances on SIXTEEN were iconic

Nayeon was a fan favorite on the survival show SIXTEEN, which formed TWICE. Even back then, she totally commanded the stage and seemed destined for greatness.

5. “Like Ooh Aah” proved Nayeon was superstar material

Nayeon rocked TWICE’s debut song, and she totally nailed the song’s wild, edgy concept.

6. Nayeon’s bright smile brought lots of cheer to the “Cheer Up” era

“Cheer Up” cemented TWICE’s status as a legendary girl group, and Nayeon’s signature cheery smile perfectly conveyed the song’s bright concept. Although she was still a rookie back then, Nayeon was wowing everyone with her natural talent and incredible stage presence.

7. She showed a more mature side with “Fancy”

Three years after “Cheer Up” was released, TWICE showed a more mature side with “Fancy.” This song struck a fine balance between being cheery, cute, elegant, and classy. Nayeon didn’t struggle with fitting the concept at all, which proves just how versatile she is as a performer.

8. She’s so elegant

“Feel Special” gave Nayeon a chance to show just how elegant she can be! Although she’s known as TWICE’s fake youngest member because of her silly sense of humor, she transforms into the very picture of elegance on stage.

9. She’s learned how to pour all of her emotions into her performances

“Cry For Me” gave Nayeon a chance to show exactly what she’s capable of as a performer. As one of TWICE’s darker concepts, this song proved that she can convey even the most difficult emotions on stage.

10. Although she’s grown so much over the years, Nayeon’s still a kid at heart

There’s no denying that Nayeon’s grown from an incredible performer into an absolutely legendary one, but she’s still got the same bright personality that the TWICE members and ONCEs love so much!