10+ Pictures That Prove You Just Can’t Take Bad Photos Of Tzuyu

There are all kinds of resting faces, but Twice’s Tzuyu was blessed with a resting beautiful face!

#1-3 Resting beautiful face with a side of jawline

#4-6 A sultry resting beautiful face

#7-8 The “resting aegyo” beautiful face

#9 Resting beautiful face with just a hint of a smile

#10 Shooting an arrow is the height of resting beauty face

#11-12 The direct eye contact resting beautiful face

#13 Resting beautiful face enhanced with cute glasses

#14 Everything is beautiful including her resting face

#16 The resting face before spitting fire on the track


#17 Proof the resting beautiful face has always existed for Tzuyu

#18 The resting ethereally beautiful face 

#19-20 The pure resting beautiful face