10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Exuded Powerful CEO Vibes

She’s a total boss!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is certainly a huge boss in several ways! Not only is she a boss on stage but in her fashion as well! No matter what she does, Jisoo is a huge bad a** who exudes powerful CEO energy!

1. She’s a boss and she knows it!

2. She’s powerful, elegant, and overall stunning

3. She’s ready for business no matter where she is!

4. Jisoo can always rock a blazer!

5. Classy CEO vibes

6. Her confidence and beauty are unbelievable!

| YG Entertainment

7. Lovely and white

8. She takes our breath away with her incredible confidence

9. A talented artist and smart business woman

10. She’s perfect without even trying

| @sooyaaa_/Instagram

11. She’s always dressed so well no matter where she goes

12. Her smile is cute, but her outfit is fit for a bad a** boss

13. Adorable yet sophisticated

14. Business casual


15. How can one be so gorgeous?!

16. She’s the definition of “Grace”


17. She’s ready to get to work

18. Nothing more powerful than a blazer and tie


19. Now this look is everything!

20. A CEO needs to shop too!

21. She’s hardworking just like a real boss

22. There really are no words to describe her jaw dropping beauty

23. Her visuals are so soft!