10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Taught Us How To Style Baggy And Wide-Leg Jeans

She can make anything work.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is known to have amazing talent and amazing style! If she wants she can dress up for a glamorous night but she also knows how to dress casually and stylish at the same time. Many of Lisa’s casual looks include baggy pants!

1. This is the definition of being casual yet fashionable!

With some simple distressed baggy jeans, Lisa dressed up the look with a cute Louis Vuitton jacket!

2. Her endless legs look great in some amazing jeans

Lisa paired her long wide-legged jeans with some cute white heels! Making the simple look pop a bit more!

3. There are some unique jeans out there are Lisa totally makes them work

Lisa proves that she can make anything look amazing!

JTBC Voyage/YouTube

4. Go for a trendy look

Everyone loves a good crewneck and Lisa showed us that they look great with some loose fitted jeans.

5. Who else loved this look?!

Lisa may have been focused on her students, but many of us were focused on how stunning she looked in this outfit!

6. Match with your besties!

Everything goes with black and these plain wide-leg jeans prove to match well with it!


7. They give something extra to your walk

Even though she’s just walking through the airport, Lisa in those wide-leg jeans makes it seem like she’s on a runway.

8. Overside hoody and baggy jeans

Nothing is cozier than an oversized hoody and they look great with some baggy jeans!

9. An edgy look

Lisa can turn a pair of baggy loose-fitted jeans and make it an edgy look!

10. Vacation mode

When traveling, you always want to be comfortable and a cute bucket hat with baggy jeans makes for a great stylish and comfortable outfit.

11. She’s an actual doll

Lisa is lovely in this outfit and she proved that wide-legged jeans can be used to put together a formal outfit.

12. Plain and simple

With the right top and the right accessories, Lisa taught us that you can make simple jeans look voguish

13. A good go-to outfit

You can rock a bold lip, throw on an oversized loose t-shirt, and put on baggy jeans to make an outfit that’s easy and looks great.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

14. They look stunning from every angle

Because of Lisa’s long legs, long wide-leg jeans look absolutely gorgeous on her.


15. Perfect for a quick night out

Baggy jeans are perfect for a quick night out as it’s both stylish and comfy.