Here Are 10+ Times BTS’s V Rocked The Cutest Overalls

V makes everything look stunning!

BTS‘s V is considered to be not only a fantastic artist and human being but also a style icon! Whether he’s on or off stage, V always stuns in the coolest outfits! One thing he always seems to rock is some cool overalls!

1. Who knew overalls could go so well with a blazer?!

V turned something that’s considered casual such as these overalls into the most fashionable look!


2. Dress up those overalls!

Overalls are fairly simple and casual yet V shows us that if you add some accessories, you can create a totally cute look!

3. This look doesn’t need any explaining as to why it is so cute!

V proved that overalls look great no matter what time of the year it is! With his red Santa hat, V showed us that overalls are perfect for a Christmas look.

4. Have you ever taken a bath in overalls?

It’s a strange thing to take a bath in overalls, but V makes it look good!

5. Channel your artistic side!

Overalls have always been a great go-to when participating in something like painting or doing some heavy work.

| Naver TV

6. He made overalls sexy!

V basically stole all our hearts with this look! Instead of a short or long sleeve shirt inside, V decided to take our breath away with a sleeveless top under his cute overalls.

7. He can make them innocent and playful as well

While V has the great talent to make something like overalls look sexy, he also shows his cute side in them!

Look how adorable he is putting things in the front pocket of his overalls!

8. Keep it simple

While V can easily turn plain overalls into something stunning, he also can keep things simple!

9. Throwback!

This look gives us a throwback to H.O.T’s “Candy” look and I love it!

Here’s a picture of H.O.T’s “Candy” outfits for reference!

10. Fashionable and cozy!

Overalls are perfect for an airport outfit as it’s super roomy and comfortable! Not only are they cozy, but V also makes overalls fashionable.

11. You don’t have to wear both straps!

Wearing both straps of the overalls is totally optional and V proves that it’s a totally good look with only one on.

12. A totally sporty look

There are actually so many concepts that overalls work with and one is a retro and sporty one!

13. It’s actually not backward

Many of those who saw this cute look thought that V is wearing his overalls backward…


…but, that’s actually how they’re worn. Either way, V rocks the look!

14. Youthful and, of course, adorable

V is so playful with his look and it definitely brings out his youthful and energetic side.