Here Are 10+ Times Chungha Proved She Can Pull Off Any Hairstyle

Her gorgeous visuals go with any hairdo!

Chungha is truly the full package! Her talent is undeniable and her visuals are so out of this world that she could pull off any hairstyle! Whether she has bangs or no bangs, blonde or brunette, Chungha is stunning!

1. Mysterious, edgy, and blue!


2. Who else can look so stunning with this single braided hairstyle?


3. Half up and half down hairstyle with a bun on top is always cute!

4. Pigtail braids are cute, but Chungha makes them glamorous

5. We all loved Chungha in this dark high ponytail and bangs!

6. Pigtails make for a cute youthful look, however, Chungha can make them look bad a**

7. A sophisticated low bun will definitely help put a little class in your look

8. These braided strands are simple yet cute!

9. A perfect color if you’re going for a summery look

10. bangs with shoulder-length hair never looked better

11. This cotton candy-colored ponytail is enchanting

12. A dark look with some blonde highlights looks gorgeous on Chungha

13. Chungha is hot with those hot pink highlights

14. Blonde Chungha is breathtaking

15. Chungha definitely pulls off the wet hair look

16. This is an intense hairstyle that Chungha rocks too well

17. There’s nothing cuter than two tiny baby space buns

18. It’s a simple braided look but the rings add a bit of a fierce touch

19. She’s the cutest!

20. fiery hair like her talent!

21. She’s got stunning grunge makeup and the perfect dark long hair and bangs to go with it

22. Super curly hair for a super lovely Chungha

23. This hair color is just as beautiful as she is

24. Not only can she rock space buns, but pink space buns!