10+ Times Chungha Radiated Major CEO Energy In These Gorgeous Looks

She’s a fashion icon.

Idols are radiate powerful in many ways. Not only do idols shine the most on stage doing what they do best, but they can also make waves with their striking fashion! Chungha is one idol that definitely dominates both on stage and her style! From her classy dresses to her sophisticated boss suits, Chungha radiates powerful CEO vibes!

1. Don’t make the boss mad

2. A powerful CEO needs some cool shades

3. Classy from head to toe!

4. Powersuits for a powerful artist!

5. Everything is perfect about this look



6. Sweet and sophisticated

7. You can feel her energy through the picture

8. This black suit is everything

9. She means business

10. Her coat shines as bright as she does

11. She’s confident

12. Bold and strong in red!

13. Everyone needs a little black dress

14. Cute yet charismatic

15. She’s the definition of poise

16. Like any smart CEO, Chungha is not afraid to think outside the box

17. Nothing is prettier than Chungha in white

18. She may be a soloist but she can fill up the whole stage alone with her incredible presence.

19. She’s always working hard!

20. Successful and stunning

21. She’s got grace like no one else

22. Chungha’s stylist is a fashion genius

23. Business casual never looked so good

24. She’s got a gaze you can’t look away from

25. From her strong talent to her sweet elegance, Chungha is truly a perfect idol