10+ Times NCT’s Taeyong Made Fans Swoon By Looking Like A True Prince

He’s always charming!

NCT‘s Taeyong‘s talent is out of this world! Besides his jaw-dropping talent, Taeyong also has out-of-this-world visuals! From head to toe, Taeyong is like a real-life prince charming!

1. Sitting on his throne ready to rule the K-Pop world

2. Those visuals are the visuals of a true prince charming

3. He doesn’t play around when it comes to business

4. Magical and handsome like a Disney prince!

5. His soft visuals are sure to win anyone’s heart over

6. The definition of handsome!

7. A prince needs a straight bow tie

8. Dressed like a gentleman!

9. Taeyong is gorgeous in a suit

10. He’s always winning!

11. He always puts his NCTzens first

12. Taeyong shines bright even in a dark look

13. A glamorous look for a glamorous prince

14. Besides his prince-like visuals, Taeyong is also hardworking like a prince

15. A bad a** prince coming to steal your heart!

16. His visuals are so unreal

17. Even in a casual outfit, Taeyong still looks like a real-life prince charming

18. Those jackets can make anyone look cute but Taeyong looks stunning!

19. Taeyong is bold just like the color red and just like a true leader

20. His handsome features are so enchanting

21. He’s also sweet and intelligent like a prince

22. His gaze is intense and filled with passion

23. We love that smile

24. His hair is just as voluminous as one’s in the Disney movies

25. It’s hard not to fall in love with him and his lovely visuals

26. A prince can be edgy too

27. He’s a total heartthrob

28. He pulls off a scholarly and preppy look soo well

29. He’s handsome without even trying

30. He’s even got the voice of a Disney prince

31. Don’t you just love his smile



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