10+ Popular Rookies You Didn’t Know Used To Be Members Of Other Groups

Before they were the rookie members you know and love, they were in another group.

1. Pentagon’s Jinho

Jinho debuted in 2010 as a member of SM Entertainment’s project unit, SM the Ballad with SHINee’s Jonghyun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and The Trax’s Jay. He was also the winner of the 2008 SM Everysing Contest beating EXO’s Xiumin who received 2nd.


2. Dreamcatcher’s JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami

These five were originally apart of a group called MINX before they reformed into Dreamcatcher, with new members with Gahyeon and Handong.


3. Astro’s Moonbin

Although it wasn’t an official debut, Moonbin appeared as a member of mini TVXQ! for their “Balloons” music video. He played the role of mini Yunho and was again reunited with his members on an episode of Star King. As a result, one of his nicknames is “U-Know Moonbin”! (Fun fact: ikON’s Chanwoo was also a member and had the role of mini Changmin!)


4. A.C.E.’s Donghun

He was in a group called Plan B that participated in Superstar K5! He also appeared on I Can See Your Voice 4 as a skilled singer with GOT7. He participated in MIXNINE and finished 8th, thus joining the debut team!


5. Top Secret’s A-IN, Yohan, and K

A-IN, Yohan, and K were part of a group called NOM which found popularity in the Philippines. After they concluded promotions in 2016, they officially disbanded and re-grouped to become Top Secret with new members Tyty and Yoonsu.


6. Kim Samuel

Samuel debuted in 2015 as part of hip-hop duo 1PUNCH with ONE. After ONE’s success on Show Me The Money, he left Brave Entertainment and signed with YG Entertainment. It looks like Samuel is happy flying solo now!


7. Golden Child’s Tag 

Tag was apart of the group I.D. which mostly promoted in Japan. Former Golden Child member Jaeseok was also a member of this boy band! 


8. KARD’s Somin

Somin was a member of DSP media’s Japanese group Puretty which disbanded in 2014. Afterwards, she participated in Baby KARA and came in 2nd to Heo Youngji. Somin ended up debuting as the leader of April, but left the group to try new music. A year later, she joined DSP’s global hit, co-ed group K.A.R.D!


9. Blanc7’s Teno, Shinwoo, Taichi, and Jean Paul

Teno, Shinwoo, and Taichi were all part of a group called M-Crown which debuted in October 2015 and disbanded in 2016. Jean Paul was a member of BTL which disbanded in 2014 and followed Kiroy Company’s CEO to his new venture, Jackpot Entertainment. Jackpot debuted Blanc7 on March 3, 2017.


10. MVP’s Gitaek

Gitaek debuted as Ryu of MR.MR but, in March 2015, the agency announced that he would be leaving. He confessed on Twitter that he had been abused physically and verbally while in the group, and would be filing charges. He then debuted again in 2017 as MVP’s main vocal!


11. Matilda’s Haena

Haena debuted with Kiss & Cry in 2014, and announced the disbandment herself when she auditioned for Superstar K6. She debuted again as the leader of Matilda in 2016, and participated in The Unit.


12. Highlight’s Junhyung

Although Junhyung debuted with B2ST in 2009, the remaining members decided on a new start as Highlight in 2017. Many don’t know, however, that Junhyung promoted as “Poppin’ Dragon” in Xing with former U-Kiss members Kibum and Kevin Woo.