Here Are 10 Most Random Things You Didn’t Know About These Korean Actresses

Who would’ve known? 🤔

Too bad K-Celebrity Jeopardy doesn’t exist — because we’d have you totally covered. Here are the 10 most random and unbelievable things you didn’t know about some of your favorite Korean actresses. That is, until now. These bits and pieces of information are, well… useless, for the lack of a better word. But hey, that makes them infinitely more interesting. Right? Like, where else would you find out about these… stuffs?

1. Kim Tae Hee’s Catholic Confirmation Name Is Verda

Kim Tae Hee on the cover of “Closer And Closer”

She once modeled for the cover page of the Catholic magazine distributed to Korean army bases.

2. Son Ye Jin Is A Licensed Pilates Instructor

Son Ye Jin in “All The Butlers” 

She has been training for over a decade and could teach if she wanted to!

3. Jun Ji Hyun’s First Kiss Scene Was At 31 Years Old

Jun Ji Hyun and Hugh Jackman 

She kissed Hugh Jackman in 2011’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

4. Lee Na Young Debuted In Japan With The Movie Eiji

Lee Na Young in “Eiji”

She strongly opposed to filming the sex scene in the movie, which was then consequently done by a double.

5. Song Hye Kyo Drew Teams For The 2002 World Cup

Song Hye Kyo 

She drew the teams for group assignments, in the order of Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, then Italy.

6. Kim Hee Sun Is Nicknamed The Queen of Turning Down Hit Shows

Kim Hee Sun on “Knowing Bros”

She said no to K-Dramas like Autumn In My HeartWinter SonataAll InLovers In Paris, and I’m Sorry, I Love You — which all ended up a huge success.

7. Han Ji Min Studied Social Welfare In College

The young Han Ji Min on her college’s volunteer day

She wanted to become a social worker after losing her grandfather to cancer and watching her grandmother battle a heart condition.

8. Han So Hee Is Actually Lee So Hee

Han So Hee’s Naver blog

She gave herself the name Han So Hee when she debuted as an actress. She ran her blog under her legal name, Lee So Hee.

9. Suzy Didn’t Wear Any Make-Up In The Movie Architecture 101

Suzy’s bare faced scene

She boasted her flawless skin as she filmed the first half of the movie bare faced, to better portray the visual of a college freshman.

10. Shin Min Ah Is A Published Author

Shin Min Ah’s book

She wrote the book titled French Diary in 2009 — which outlines her trip through Paris, France.