10 K-Pop Rappers Who Are Also Amazing Vocalists

These talented artists are not only amazing rappers, but also extremely talented vocals. Prepare to have your mind blown!

K-Pop is full of extremely talented artists. In particular, there are many talented rappers who have proved that they are also powerful vocalists as well. Here are ten of the rappers who also happen to be insanely good vocalists!


1. Joohoney – MONSTA X

Many people feel that Jooheon is the ace in MONSTA X and it’s easy to see why. Recently, for example, he not only wrote and produced the title track for the album Gambler, but he also sang the parts of main vocalist Shownu, who was unable to participate in promotions after he enlisted in the military — and he did it well.


2. Jennie – BLACKPINK

Jennie is known the world over for her versatility as a performer. She is both a rapper and a main vocalist, and she is amazing as both. Her voice has a clear sound that transitions smoothly and effortlessly between rapping and singing, making her one of the most deservedly successful artists in K-Pop.


3. Sunwoo – THE BOYZ

Sunwoo originally trained as a vocalist, but began training as a rapper because the group was missing one. Sunwoo has demonstrated his talent as a singer on multiple occasions, but a prominent one is the song he wrote and produced himself, “Berry,” which he dedicated to fans on his birthday.


4. Han – Stray Kids

The multi-talented Han of Stray Kids blew everyone’s minds with his vocals in a performance in Kingdom: Legendary War. Despite not being part of the vocal line, he kicked off the performance with some impressive singing abilities, wowing both the audience and the other idols. As a rapper, unofficial vocalist, and talented producer, Han is definitely a triple threat!


5. Minhyuk – BTOB

Among other idols who impressed in Kingdom: Legendary War, Minhyuk is also a standout. Not only does he have excellent visuals and dancing and rapping abilities, but he is also a really talented vocalist. Here he is singing the part of the group’s main vocalist, Sungjae in “It’s Okay”.


6. Jessi

Jessi is decidedly one of the rap queens of K-Pop. But her talents do not end there because she is also an exceptional vocalist, as she proved when she sang a cover of her friend Henry’s song, “Radio,” with him.


7. Chanyeol – EXO

Chanyeol is one of the most talented all-rounders on this list. Not only is he a powerful and unique rapper, but he also has an amazing sound as a vocalist. As a proficient musician, he has delighted fans many times by playing the piano and guitar and singing beautiful renditions of popular songs.


8. Moonbyul – MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO should be known as the vocal group, with rapper Moonbyul also exhibiting impressive talent as a singer. With her characteristic cool and confident vibes and her deep voice, Moonbyul’s vocals are altogether something else.


9. Yena – IZ*ONE

Yena hits all three marks with her position as Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist and Lead Dancer. And of course, she easily does full justice to each of these roles!


10. Jackson Wang – GOT7

Last but far from least — is there anything Jackson Wang can’t do? As if it wasn’t enough that he is a great rapper, an amazing dancer, an Olympic-level athlete and a prolific producer, Jackson is also an impressive vocalist. In fact, he doesn’t even rap in some of his solo songs at all!


Who else do you think deserves to be on this list?