10 Rappers Who Have A Hidden Talent For Singing

Although they spend most of their lines rapping, fans were surprised at how amazing their singing voices are!

1. BTS’s J-Hope

Don’t you wish you could catch JHope singing more often?

2. INFINITE’s Hoya

Hoya‘s melodious voice left both his band members and the cast stunned.

3. Monsta X’s Jooheon


Even Jooheon‘s fellow members can’t contain their excitement.

4. Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic‘s cover of “A Guy Like Me” really warms the heart.

5. BTOB’s Minhyuk

It looks like Minhyuk really enjoys singing, the way he loses himself in the song as he sways to the music.

6. INFINITE’s Dongwoo

“Noel’s Fate” sounds stunning with Dongwoo‘s lighthearted voice.

7.  EXO’s Sehun

It seems as though EXO‘s maknae is multi-talented. Aside from being an amazing rapper and dancer, Sehun appears to have a gentle voice as well!

8. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

SEVENTEEN‘s hip-hop unit is famous for having rappers with incredibly soothing singing voices. In fact, the group’s leader and rapper S.Coups was said to have been cast for his singing!

9. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy seems so self-conscious looking at the way she darts her eyes back and forth. But she doesn’t have a reason to, because her honeylike voice sounds great here!


T.O.P‘s low and mellow voice sounds amazing singing “That’s My Only World”