10+ Reaction Tweets About BTS’s Comeback Video That Sum Up Just How Thirsty ARMYs Are For Jungkook

Jungkook’s “hot body” is so sexy, even J-Hope couldn’t resist reacting.

BTS recently released their music video for their latest comeback, Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima.

Sure enough, ARMYs all over the world are excited because of the powerful choreography, heavenly vocals, and most notably, Jungkook‘s body.

Here are 10+ of the best reaction tweets to Jungkook‘s attractive physique — including J-Hope‘s own response to the music video.

1. Today, we say thanks for…

2. Looks like Busan’s seafood isn’t the only thing worth trying

3. One video for the price of two treats

4. When a splash of holy water isn’t enough

5. Adding ink to his skin just increased the sexy factor

6. Imagine if he said this to you

7. When he said “hot body”, he wasn’t kidding

8. Drink calming tea before watching the video

9. J-Hope is the spirit animal of every ARMY

10. The nerve to have this kind of duality

11. Look, a subtle stan post! Maybe this ARMY was typing at work?

12. Pro-tip for ARMYs with slow internet: do it at dawn

13. At least you’ll die doing what you love

14. Some ARMYs recommend “kitty” which stands for…

15. The magical oracle has spoken