10 Reactions To Make You Want To Watch ATEEZ Performance Preview

It has fans even more excited for their comeback!

Ahead of their new album ZERO: FEVER Part. 2ATEEZ has released a performance preview for the song “I’m The One.”

Within four hours, the video was watched over 450,000 times. Their fans, ATINY, have taken to social media and summed up everyone’s feelings after watching the video!

1. BRB – Need a moment.

2. Pray for Yunho stans.

3. San’s abs are too much!

4. Watching it once is never enough!

5. Multi-stan life is real for ATINY.

6. Shouldn’t someone have given a warning?

7. “Eight makes one team.”

8. Is it even worth the pain?

9. Feeling personally attacked by ATEEZ is normal…

10. The answer has to be no.

Considering that this video wasn’t even the real comeback, it will be interesting to see how their fans, ATINY, react when the album is released on March 1 at 6 PM KST!