10+ Reactions To SHINee Finally Making Their Comeback With Top-Notch Bop, “Don’t Call Me”

SHINee is finally back!

SHINee is back, and they’re better than ever!

| SM Entertainment

On February 22, SHINee made their long-awaited comeback with their 7th full album and accompanying title track, “Don’t Call Me”.

| SM Entertainment

As this is their first full group comeback in over two years, fans are understandably super-hyped, trending the hashtag #SHINeeisBack on Twitter, with the hashtag eventually reaching number one on Twitter’s worldwide trends!

Here are 10+ tweet reactions welcoming the kings back with their incredible bop!

1. SHINee setting the standards from the start!

2. Taemin truly lives up to his rep as an iconic main dancer!

3. Minho is SERVING this comeback!


5. Perfection is Key; Key is Perfection

6. When it comes to live vocals, SHINee never disappoints!

7. BRB gotta process how FINE this song is

8. Facts ONLY

9. They ATE that

10. Same…same…

11. SHINee is back!

Watch the MVC for “Don’t Call Me” here!