10 Relatable Fan Reactions To Stray Kids’ Music Video For B-Side “VENOM”

It’s a lot to take in.

Stray Kids just dropped a music video for their hard-hitting b-side “VENOM,” and fans have things to say. Here are 10 relatable fan reactions.

1. It’s only a b-side

Fans have to keep reminding themselves that “VENOM” is only a b-side. It’s that good.

2. Crazy visuals

Each of the members display crazy visuals throughout the video, like Changbin does here. It’s sort of everything.

3. Just… wow

Han received a lot of attention for his part in the video. It checks out.

4. There’s so much happening

The plot line of the video adds humor to intensity, and fans love to see it.

5. Beautiful styling

The outfits, the accessories, and the makeup are all top-tier.

6. Intensity

Stray Kids know how to play the part, and members like Felix and Seungmin do it well.

7. The charisma

Lee Know shows his next level charisma through his powerful facial expressions.

8. Head empty

Bang Chan has STAYs weak for his muscles… and everything else.

9. Fire rapping

Like much of Stray Kids’ music, the rap is impeccable. Fans love Hyunjin’s rap part in “VENOM.”

10. Everything about it

This song and music video gave fans chills. Everything about it is top notch, according to fans.

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