10+ Reasons BLACKPINK’s Jennie Deserves All The Love In The World

She deserves all the love this world has to offer!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a talented angel, and kindhearted! There are so much things to love about her! Her energy, her passion for BLINKs, her love for her members, and so much more! Jennie is truly someone worth giving all our hearts to!

Here are 11 reasons why BLACKPINK’s Jennie deserves all the love in the world!

1. She’s always there for BLINKs

Jennie never fails to remind BLINKs that she is always there for them in good times, but especially in bad just as how they have been there for them.

2. She takes good care of her members

She always watches out for her members, makes sure that they are okay, and always makes them feel loved!

3. She does her best to make her fans happy

Jennie makes sure her fans are always happy and cheers them up when she can!

4. She never forgets to thank her staff for their hard work

She thanks her staff any chance she gets and makes sure that their hard work is recognized.

5. She is a total boss on stage

Jennie is a total boss on stage! She has a strong presence and she makes sure to show BLINKs a performance they will never forget!

6. She is a fashion icon

Jennie will remain a fashion icon for generations to come! Every outfit she wears automatically becomes a fashion inspiration for anyone!

7. She loves dogs so much

She showers her dogs with so much love and definitely takes good care of them! She always flaunts her cute little dogs on her personal Instagram page and BLINKs can never get enough of their cute bond with each other!

8. She shows her appreciation for BLINKs even when it’s prohibited

Jennie tried her best to show her appreciation for BLINKs when she went out of her way to receive gifts from fans even when she isn’t allowed to!

9. She is multitalented

Her solo debut with “SOLO” proved that she is a woman of many talents! From singing, to dancing, to rappin, to even showing a bit of her acting skills in the music video! She also recently learned how to play the guitar for her solo performance in the group’s fan meeting!

10. Her smile is contagious and can make any day happier

Her smile is so bright that it has the power to make any day brighter! One Instagram post from Jennie can easily make any BLINK’s day!

11. BLINKs are her whole world

Jennie always reminds BLINKs that she loves them a lot and it can easily be seen in her eyes! She looks at BLINKs with a loving and soft look and it is evident that she cares about her fans a lot.