10+ Reasons BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Deserves All The Love In This World

She deserves all the love this world can give!

There are lots of reasons about BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo that we should love and appreciate. She is definitely more than just a visual, and it’s easy to find reasons to love her.

Here are 10+ reasons why Jisoo deserves all the love in the world!

1. She’s super relatable

Jisoo represents all of us when she said she didn’t have money. She is so relatable and doesn’t mind speaking out her mind!

2. She loves and takes care of her members well

As the eldest in the group, she feels the responsibility to take care of her members well because they especially rely on her a lot. Jisoo doesn’t seem to mind, though, because she loves the members so much, taking care of them is barely a task, but more of a natural act for her!

3. She’s effortlessly funny

She isn’t afraid to be funny and allows herself to confidently make jokes! She can easily make BLINKs laugh because of her cute and adorable humor!

4. She can light up the whole town with her smile

She has a smile that can light up a whole town because she is a true sunshine!

5. She has a pure and kind heart

She always thinks of her members first and makes sure they are well fed!

6. She isn’t afraid to be herself

Jisoo always makes silly songs about anything and she is proud of that special talent!

7. She genuinely loves and cares for her fans

She makes sure to watch over BLINKs as much as she can, showers them with i-love-you’s, and makes sure they eat well, and don’t starve.

8. She has powerful vocals

Jisoo has amazing talent and her vocals are powerful! She can turn any normal person a fan of hers with her voice!

9. She tries her best and works hard all the time

Jisoo always want to give her best for BLINKs, and works as hard as she can despite being sick! Lisa shares how much effort Jisoo gave to show a great performance for BLINKs even if she wasn’t feeling well.

10. She’s the sweetest person ever

She always reminds members that they did well and that they’re the best! She makes sure her members doesn’t run out of love from her!

11. She gives off contagious good vibes

Jisoo is always making efforts to make sure everyone around her is happy! She is truly someone that must be cherished.

12. She is a powerful stage performer

She slayed her solo performance at BLACKPINK’s concert and wow-ed every single person who attended the concert.

13. She’s an inspiration

Because of all the reasons listed above, she became an inspiration of every BLINK, and the reason why many of fans keep going!