10 Reasons Why BTS Jungkook Remains A Baby in Army’s Eyes

Prepare to go all soft for the golden maknae!

BTS Jungkook has carried the title of “Golden Maknae” since the start of his career when he was just 15. But now at 22, he wants to finally shake off his baby image.

But how can he shake it off when he gives many reasons for armys to keep fawning over his baby habits?

Here are 10 reasons why Jungkook remains a baby in army’s eyes.

1. Jungkook is a mischievous tease

He loves to tease his hyungs and Jin is an easy target because they both have the same playful energy. Here’s Jungkook refusing to give Jin a chance to take a decent selfie.

2. His child-like fascination for everyday things

Jungkook is a very curious boy and he gets fascinated with the most mundane things. Leave him alone and he’ll never get bored exploring whatever objects are in front of him. Like lash curlers, for example.

3. He has an adorable lisp

Jungkook has an adorable lisp, which doesn’t come out whenever he’s singing but is evident when he’s in a relaxed mode. This cute lisp makes for an incredibly soft rush of emotion for any army hearing it.

4. Jungkook runs with tiny steps

Jungkook may be a fast runner as seen during the Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC), but during non–competitive moments, he runs with tiny steps, similar to a three–year–old trying to catch up to mommy.

5. His laughter never grows old

One of the most pleasantly unforgettable things about Jungkook is his unique laughter. The high–pitched giggle has the capability of improving your day anytime. Here’s a compilation of his infectious laughter.

6. Jungkook is the sweetest clingy baby

Jungkook is clingy to people who matter to him. Look at how he snuggles up to J–Hope as a way of battling the cold. All those who wished they were J–Hope raise your hand!

7. His happy reactions are so endearing

Last year, Jungkook won the “Netizen Choice Award” in the MMA 2018. His surprised shy reaction, the baby clap, and finger hearts busted all uwus of armys.

8. He is so unpredictable

He always has a surprise up his sleeve (no pun intended)!

9. He can’t help being cute

When his hyungs tried to lecture him for dancing even while stitches from cutting his heel weren’t fully recovered yet, he diverted the lecture session by responding cutely.

10. Jungkook is a crybaby

Jungkook is a total softie when it comes to army. He can bravely face physical pain without tearing up but will cry unabashedly at the end of every concert tour. His appreciation for armys’ efforts to watch their concerts is overwhelming, and he just can’t contain his emotions.

Jungkook might take a while before he finally shakes off the baby image. But rest assured Jungkookie is definitely well-loved by army.

Do you have more reasons to add to this list?