10+ Reasons You Need To Stan NCT’s Ten Right Stat Now

If you weren’t already a Ten stan, here’s why you should be.

1. He was the most adorable child ever

In this video, tiny Ten shows the camera what he calls “a dance for girls”. He’s a star in the making!


2. His aegyo will brighten your day

Whenever Ten acts cute…

…it’s impossible not to smile!


3. His first love was a puppy

At the time of this interview, Ten said that he had never been in a relationship before, but he remembered falling in love with a furry friend. Can you say “awwww”?


4. He wears his heart on his sleeve

Ten isn’t afraid to let his sweetness and sensitivity show. When Ten’s former teacher talked about his school days, Ten was so touched that he began to tear up!


5. He screams like a little girl

When scared out of his wits, Ten’s voice has the ability to go so many octaves that it achieves “little girl” status. Now that’s vocal talent!


6. He is a gentleman, even when startled

When this enthusiastic noona jumped on Ten, he managed to catch her both safely and politely! He laughed at the unexpected surprise, and kept her from falling off, even as she was dragged away!


7. He is extra AF

Ten always finds a unique way to do things, whether it’s stretching…

…or playing games!


8. His innocent mind will make you want to protect him from the world


9. His talent will blow you away

Ten is an incredibly skilled vocalist and a graceful dancer. Ten shows off both of these talents in this hypnotic solo video.


10. His visuals are to die for

Look at him.

Just look at him! Is he even human?


11. He is low-key sassy

Ten is sweet, polite, and well-mannered, but his members tend to bring out his attitude. When Mark asked if Ten’s green beverage was green tea, Ten gave him this snappy reply.