10 Reasons Why You Need To Stan A K-Pop Idol

There are a hundred reasons to love your favorite artists. K-Pop idols, however, seem to shine among the rest. Here’s why fans pick their favorites – and why you should too.

1. Supreme Dance Skills

K-Pop idols focus on dance as a key part of their performance – dance is part of what sets K-Pop apart from other industries and brings up the game.

2. Adorable Fan Interactions

If you’re new to the K-Pop world, then get ready for the concept of fan meetings and signing events. These special and exclusive venues are a chance for idols to interact one on with fans, to say thank you, and to know the idols more as people!

3. So Many Live Shows

K-Pop idols are always performing – from music competition shows to festivals, tours, and other specialty spots, there are hundreds of chances to see tons and tons of groups perform live!

4. Visuals On Point

Idols are also, of course, on camera a lot. Because of this, great skin and good hair are a must – and as anyone can tell you, idols visuals are just above average, these people are just so pretty!

5. Dedication and Training

Idols deserve acknowledgment for the intense and rigorous training they go through  – training just for a chance to debut.

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6. Vocal and Rap Talent

Alongside all the training comes pure raw talent. The best of the best can write their own lyrics, take part in producing their own tracks, and carry a tune through all of the hardest stage performances, while hardly breaking a sweat.

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7. Airport Fashion

One of the best parts of being a K-Pop fan is seeing what your favorite idol might wear that day! Sometimes the fashion is high – expensive and luxurious, other times, idols can show off their personal no-makeup comfy cozy sides!

8. Bomb MVs

Music videos are some of the bread and butter of finding your favorite, and the most elaborate videos can live on through the years for their iconic use of staging and lights.

9. Variety and Acting Skills

Getting to understand an idols sense of humor and ability to handle challenges thrown their way is also a great reason to stan an idol! Whether it’s through tough love shows like Knowing Brothers and Weekly Idol or romance shows like We Got Married – idols are at their most fun during interviews and variety!

10. Humble ‘Til The End

No matter what happens, being with an idol or idol group through the years means watching them grow and change while you do too. It’s a bond like none other.