10+ Reasons Why TWICE’s Sana Is A Real Treasure

ONCEs, protect this precious hugging squirrel!

1. She is the cutest klutz ever.

Sana might just be the clumsiest female idol in K-Pop history. Her lack of coordination has reached legendary status.

When TWICE attended a baseball game, Sana completely missed her seat…

…and bumped her leg on a chair while performing aegyo.

Even the other TWICE members aren’t safe! She hit Mina with an umbrella…

…and backed into Tzuyu during a “Precious Love” live stage.


2. Her trademark “sha sha sha”

Sana went viral a couple years ago when she mispronounced her “shy shy shy” line from “Cheer Up” as “sha sha sha”. To this day, fans can’t help squeeing over this adorable mistake!


3. Her confusing visuals.

Is she cute or sexy?

Sexy or cute?

Let’s just play it safe and go with “cutie-sexy” because Sana is the perfect blend of both!


4. Her irresistible aegyo

Sana has totally mastered the art of aegyo. She lures in unsuspecting victims with a sweet air-kiss…

…or a flirty poke.

Before you know it, she’s bias-wrecked your whole list!

Chaeyoung is the only one who seems to be immune to Sana’s charms. During a fansign, Sana was spotted trying to give Chaeyoung a kiss, but Chaeyoung was having none of it!


5. Her fearlessness

It’s easy to want to protect someone this sweet and lovable, but the truth is Sana has a lot of guts. She moved to Korea by herself in 2012 after being scouted on the street. Her parents weren’t sure about letting her quit school and sending her overseas, but she insisted it was her dream. After years of work, that dream came true!


6. Her positivity

Sana tries to be as happy on the outside as she is in the inside, and vice versa. She does her best to smile her way even though the toughest times and has become a beacon of light to her fellow members. Being this cheerful isn’t always easy, but she’s the kind of person who will make an effort to see the bright side of things, no matter what!


7. Her love for TWICE

Sana loves her members like sisters and is happiest when she is with them.

She showers her favourite girls with affection…

…to let them know just how much she adores them!


8. Her empathy

Whenever Sana’s friends cry, she cries with them. When Momo was eliminated from SIXTEEN, Sana cried because she lost her best friend…

…but the thought of Momo’s heartache made her even more upset.


9. Her genuine love for her fans

Sana never fails to let ONCEs know how much she cares so much about them. When this ONCE fell during a fansign, she called for security and told them that the stage set up wasn’t safe.

Throughout the fansign, Sana kept checking in with her fans to make sure that hadn’t been hurt. How sweet!


10. Her talent

In addition to being a lovable dork with a shining personality, Sana is amazing at her job.

She has worked hard over the years to become the best singer and dancer she can be!


11. Her language skills

Learning a new language is tough for anyone, but it must be especially hard for someone who lives in the spotlight. With the help of her members and staff, Sana has improved her Korean skills more with each passing year.