10 Reasons Why Coordi-Noonas Are Absolutely Essential

What would oppa do without his stylists?

1. Coordi-noonas safeguard the team.

Imagine this. Grown men brushing their own hair…


Grown men buttoning their own shirts


It’s an accident waiting to happen!


2. Coordi-noonas put fairy godmothers to shame.

Idols are extremely talented, but even they can’t multitask while sleeping.

Coordi-noonas make it possible for idols to fall asleep bare-faced and wake-up glamorous.


3. Coordi-noonas keep idols healthy.

Work hard, play hard – eat lots. With all that singing and dancing, idols burn up a blaze of calories.

Any coordi-noona who doubles as a caterer will brighten up an idol’s day with a well-deserved meal!


4. Coordi-noonas make great play-mates.

Idols spend as much time with their staff as they do with their members. In any profession, coworkers can make or break any work environment.

Friendly coordinoonas make happy stars!


5. Coordi-noonas are the ultimate ‘work moms’.

Runny nose? Noona’s got tissues. Chilly on set? Noona’s got a snuggly coat ready between takes.

Coordi-noonas aren’t afraid to point out the kimchi stuck in their idols’ teeth and—better yet—they’re armed with toothbrushes to scrub it out.


6. Coordi-noonas are fashion geniuses.

Occasionally, a stylist noona may lose her magic…

EXO’s D.O in a feathered ruff. Avant garde or fashion disaster?


But, usually, coordi-noonas are responsible for making idols look spectacular. Every shoe lace, gold chain, and lipstick shade is chosen with care.


7. Coordi-noonas rock at damage control.

Even the best laid fashion plans can go awry. No idol is immune to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction.

It’s a good thing their quick-thinking coordi-noonas are ready to salvage outfits—and dignity—between dance numbers.


8. Coordi-noonas are flexible.

Sometimes an idol doesn’t need his sweat wiped.


Sometimes he needs someone to take a ridiculous photo for him because he can’t see – because his eyes are covered with paper, anime tears.

Naturally, a coord-noona is there to help him!


9. Coordi-noonas make dreams come true.

If anyone needs coordi-noonas as much as idols do, it’s the fans who love to live vicariously.


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