10 Red Velvet Outfits That Were Too Sexy For Critics To Handle

#6 is a fan favorite outfit!

Red Velvet has been successfully promoting for nearly a decade now, and they have their fair share of styles! Whether they dress chic or sexy, Red Velvet has some of the most popular outfits in K-Pop. Here are 10 times Red Velvet dressed particularly sexy and fans couldn’t get enough!

1. Seulgi’s Power Up Stage Outfit

Seulgi looked great in this summery “Power Up” look!

Red Velvet Seulgi | Liven News

2. Irene’s Red Flavor

Irene stunned fans in her sailor-esque stage outfit for “Red Flavor”!

Red Velvet Irene | @rabbitqueen4/Twitter

3. Wendy’s Zebra Print Dress

Wendy stunned fans in her zebra print mini dress!

Red Velvet Wendy | @reveluv3023/Twitter

4. Joy’s Viral Red Dress

Joy has gone viral countless times for this sequined red dress she wore at the 2017 MAMA awards show!

Red Velvet Joy | @joywanderful/Twitter

5. Yeri’s Bad Boy Stage Outfit

Yeri looked amazing in this Bad Boy era stage outfit!

Red Velvet Yeri | Mnet

6. Irene’s Chic Crop Top Outfit

Irene looks incredible in this chic but sexy look from her Instagram!


7. Wendy’s Blue Top

Wendy looks stunning in the bright blue top from a Feel My Rhythm stage!


8. Yeri’s Instagram Posing

Yeri’s Instagram is full of great looks from the singer!


9. Joy’s Cropped Vest Outfit

Joy looks amazing in this cropped suit vest outfit!


10. Seulgi’s Baggy Pants

Seulgi looks cool and edgy in this baggy pants and crop top combo!


Red Velvet