10 Relatable ARMY Reactions To BTS’s First Concept Photos For “PROOF”

“We’re not ready!”

BTS released the first set of concept photos for their upcoming anthology album PROOF today, which expectedly went viral.

| Weverse

ARMYs took to Twitter to share their reactions to BTS’s new photos with fellow fans. ARMYs had hilarious and heartfelt responses to the images, not missing the powerful meaning behind the group’s “bulletproof” concept.

Here are ten reactions from ARMYs to the first PROOF concept photos that are easily relatable.

1. Preparing for world domination

2. When J-Hope made sure hearts were racing before the concept photos were released

3. You may have had a bias going into the concept photo release, but now you’re not so sure

4. Losing our collective breath

5. Looking back on how far BTS has come

6. Not knowing how to handle the next round of photos

7. We’ve successfully entered “Bangtan’s Forehead Era”

8. Their amazing photos already inspiring fanart from talented ARMYs

9. When “THEY LOOK SO GOOD” is trending on Twitter and you already know it’s about BTS

10. BTS making ARMYs emotional by showing they will continue to be “bulletproof”