10 Most Relatable Fan Reactions To EXO’s Baekhyun’s Song “Candy”

#9 is every Baekhyun fan’s spirit animal.

On May 25, EXO‘s Baekhyun dropped his second solo mini album, Delight, along with a cute and playful music video for its title track, “Candy”.

Baekhyun chose “Candy” as his title track because he wanted to show off his cool dancing skills…

…and because he thought that “Candy” was a great relaxing song that would refresh his fans and make them feel relaxed.

Aside from the EXO members who loved the song and thought it was a good concept for him…

…naturally, Baekhyun’s fans also couldn’t get over how perfect the song is for Baekhyun — he even broke his own record because of this.

His record-breaking feat isn’t the only proof of how much fans loved his comeback song: check out these relatable tweets by fans and find yourself nodding in agreement as you go through this list today:

1. Pay your respects, son

2. When you’re focusing on the wrong thing

3. Stop all the hate, let’s celebrate

4. You can do both, sis

5. Idols are humans, too, after all

6. A new perspective of looking at the lyrics

7. Send help

8. So that’s what the doors were hiding

9. He’s every Baekhyun stan’s spirit animal

10. Every part was definitely squeal-worthy

Haven’t watched the “delight” that is Baekhyun’s “Candy” music video yet? Check it out below:


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