10 Relatable NCTzen Tweets Showing Appreciation For NCT’s Haechan And His Natural Visuals

Haechan “representing the new generation of K-Pop beauty.”

NCTzens have been showing their appreciation for NCT‘s Haechan after a recent controversy saw Jisung come under fire for allegedly making a “colorist” comment about him. While reactions to Jisung’s comment have been mixed, fans have been emphasizing how amazing Haechan’s natural visuals are. And, of course, they have also been expressing their pride in Haechan for having so much confidence in his own appearance!

Here are 10 tweets that show how much NCTzens appreciate Haechan and his visuals!

1. He is perfect the way he is.

2. The glow is real.

3. Jaemin being peak relatable.

4. This was one is for the books.

5. His skin is no joke.

6. Barefaced visuals on point.

7. He doesn’t even have to try.

8. Ten and Doyoung telling it like it is.

9. Haechan being a confident king (as he should).

10. The power that he holds…