Check Out These 10 Relay Dances With The Most Views Of All Time

The Relay Dance trend is super popular, and the views on these videos prove it.

The first instance of the Relay Dance trend was in October 2016 by Produce 101 project group I.O.I. Since then, it had become a true staple of every K-Pop comeback, and some videos have gone on to amass a staggering number of views. Of all the Relay Dances out there, these 10 have been watched the most!

10. Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

Released in June 2020, this Relay Dance by Stray Kids has over 16.6 million views.

9. TWICE – “Alcohol-Free”

The most recent entry on this list, TWICE‘s Relay Dance for “Alcohol-Free” came out in June 2021, and already has over 17.1 million views!

8. aespa – “Next Level”

This is another Relay Dance that just came out in 2021. Aespa‘s “Next Level” takes 8th place, beating out 9th by just about 16,000 views.

7. Hwasa – “Maria”

MAMAMOO member Hwasa (also known as Hwa Sa) comes in at 7th, with a lead just shy of 200,000 views over 8th place.

6. NCT U – “Make A Wish”

With their 2020 title “Make A Wish,” NCT U racked up over 18 million views with this Relay Dance!


TWICE’s second appearance in this list is with their 2020 bop “I CAN’T STOP ME,” the Relay Dance of which has well over 19 million views.

4. Stray Kids – “Back Door”

The highest boy group entry into this list, Stray Kids’ “Back Door” Relay Dance is just over 150,000 views shy of 20 million.

3. TWICE – “Dance the Night Away” at K-CON LA

Starting with this video, the rest of this videos in this list all have over 20 million views. This 2018 jam is also TWICE’s third video to be included in this list. Way to go, girls!

2. Jessi – “NUNU NANA”

The most senior artist in this list, Jessi‘s 2020 song “NUNU NANA” comes in at second with over 20.6 million views to date.


Coming in at first place by a landslide, MAMAMOO’s 2019 song “HIP” leads the pack with a whopping 26 million views. Congratulations, ladies!

As more songs get released, this list is bound to change in the future. We’re excited to see what other groups will wind up earning this many views!

Source: M2