These 10 Songs Are The Perfect Fix For Your Retro Craving

If you like retro music, these are absolute musts on your playlist.

In the past few years, retro became a huge trend in K-Pop, and for good reason. Funky synth beats, mesmerizing drum cadences. There’s a reason music from the ’80’s is still so popular today.

SHINee in a promotional image for “1 of 1” | SM Entertainment

If you’ve got an itch for some retro tunes, these 10 songs will be sure to scratch it for you. Of course, if you still haven’t gotten your fix, there are many more out there!

1. UNI.T – “I mean”

Though UNI.T only had a lifespan of about five months, and this was their first and only comeback after debut, it’s undeniable that it fits the retro trend exceptionally. They may have disbanded after its release, but the song still goes hard today and fits right in with more contemporary titles.

2. Key – “Bad Love”

Nobody could possibly make a list like this without mentioning the king of retro himself, SHINee‘s Key. From the very first note of this song, you are immersed in the retro space atmosphere Key envisioned for this album, and we are living for it!

3. SEVENTEEN “Home;Run”

Though this track throws it a little further back to the big band jazz sound more reminiscent of the ’40’s, SEVENTEEN‘s “HOME;RUN” is straight-up addictive and full of all the fresh charms SEVENTEEN are known for.


TWICE always slay their comebacks, and this concept was no exception. The intoxicating synth combined with the girls’ powerful vocals was giving us everything.

5. SHINee “1 of 1”

Always setting new trends, SHINee released this ’90’s-inspired track in late 2016, and we were instantly obsessed. From the drum hits at the beginning to the smooth rhythm of the chorus, this timeless classic proves that it’s SHINee’s world, and the rest of us just live in it.

6. Yubin “Lady”

Yubin released “Lady” in 2018, just slightly ahead of the retro curve, and this song is a hit and a half. Clearly inspired by ’80’s city pop sounds, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic just by listening to this incredible song.

7. Brave Girls “We Ride”

This 2020 song by Brave Girls may have been their final comeback if they hadn’t seen their incredible chart resurgence in 2021. Thank goodness it wasn’t, because now we get to appreciate the retro excellence they delivered and indulge in the thought that they may someday release another song like this.

8. Dalshabet “Someone Like U”

Released in early 2016, Dalshabet‘s “Someone Like U” was way ahead of its time. Fans are ever regretful this retro bop didn’t get the attention it deserved, and are confident that it would’ve been all over the charts if it were released today.

9. GFriend “MAGO”

GFriend‘s impact on the industry was huge, and though this was their final comeback as a group, it persists as an incredible track. From the impeccable styling to the hypnotic chorus, it gave everything there was to be given.

10. Triple H “365 FRESH”

Though Triple H won’t be making any more music, their debut track remains a shining star for K-Pop fans everywhere. Incredible vocals, a fun beat, and a groove that just makes you want to dance? They really had it all. Even though they left us far too soon, we can at least rejoice in knowing they gave us one of the best retro K-Pop songs of all time.